Screw Jack Systems

Screw Jack Systems

Zimm Screw Jack Systems offer comprehensive lifting and positioning design solutions for a wide variety of industries.

Highly accurate and extremely reliable machine screw and ball screw jacks are matched with an extensive range of drive, connection, motion control, safety, and protection components to provide a complete package from a single source.


  • 11 sizes with lift capacities from 0.5 to 100 tons
  • 2 machine screw and multiple ball screw lift options


  • Precision Machine Screws - Provides accurate positioning and reduced wear in low duty applications.
  • Precision Ball Screws - Provides accurate positioning and reduced wear in high duty applications.
  • Standing and Rotating Version - Provides lifting and positioning design versatility.
  • Multiple Nut Designs - Widest range available including standard, duplex, self-aligning and greaseless versions allows for the optimum nut selection to maximize life and reduce maintenance.
  • Multiple Spindle End Designs - Several standing version spindle end components including fixing flanges, rod ends, forked heads and pivot bearing heads provide unmatched load connection design options.
  • Motion Control Options - Linear and rotary encoders, limit switches, brakes, and an anti-backlash option provide increased automation capabilities.
  • Protection and Safety Options - Protection tubes, spindle covers, anti-rotation devices, and safety nuts provide protection and safety for system components.
  • Connection Options - A variety of coupling and lineshaft options are offered to connect all drive components.
  • Modular Housing - Machined surfaces allow easier attachment of mounting accessories and provides an aesthetically pleasing presentation.
  • Accessories Available - Motor flanges, hand wheels, bearing plates, and lubrication options provide additional design versatility.

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